What is it all about?

Chinese food!

We've all been eating it for years. People say that all that MSG (monosodium glutamate) just gives them a headache...

In our homes we have become used to grazing on takeaways, on cook-in sauces and on ready-meals. But is packaged convenience really so convenient - is that all there is? Well, maybe there's more!

Standard takeaway Chinese food is very different from home cooking. The takeaway cooks' technique is similar, using the wok. They use Chinese materials but the dishes have been Westernised and perhaps use more MSG than in home cooking.

Cooking is not difficult, it isn't a hard science. You can quickly master it with a little practice and understanding of the methods. With ingredients already in your kitchen you can produce amazing fresh results - and at a speed to rival convenience foods.

What do I offer?

I bring my years of experience to guide you (and a friend, if you like) to cook a delicious Chinese meal for up to four people.

We can prepare a soup, fried rice (as you have never tasted it before!) and main dishes. You provide the kitchen and the main ingredients for your chosen dishes, and together we spend two fascinating hours preparing a meal which your family and friends can sit down and enjoy. A tasty meal that you will all enjoy, attractive dishes that you will want to share online.

So here is an idea for an intriguing and exciting evening for you. Or why not consider it as a gift experience present for a friend?

Offering opportunities to learn Chinese cooking methods in the central Scotland area
And we also offer Chinese cooking plus Sushi options - please ask.
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