A special occasion in a restaurant can be costly, and then you have to call a cab home if you had a glass or two to drink.

Here's an alternative. What about professional coaching to learn how to cook your favourite dish at home, so that you can show off your cooking skills to family or friends? You can not only learn to cook your favourite dishes but also enjoy a memorable experience in your own kitchen!

What is included and what does it cost?

What is included?

A learning session in your kitchen lasts between 90 minutes and two hours. In that time, we learn Chinese preparation techniques and create your meal. This is usually a starter and two main dishes, or three main dishes if you prefer. Browse our suggestion menu, or call us if your favourite is not there.

We will discuss the ingredients for the chosen dishes beforehand, so that you know what you need to buy in advance. Afterwards, you're one step closer to practicing your new skills.

And what does it cost?

One session costs £95. Or why not learn along with a friend? The shared experience would be fun, and an additional learner costs only £25 extra.

Are there other options?

Maybe you want to explore the diverse styles of Chinese cooking in more depth. For example, to develop your skills towards the more complex dishes such as Crispy Beef, Peking Duck and Filled Buns.

We can offer a series of lessons for this: 3 lessons for £220 or 5 lessons for £300. The timing can be flexible: for example at fortnightly or monthly intervals, or anything up to one year.

Places in the shaded area of the map involve no additional cost for travel time and fuel. This is a rough guide though - call to discuss if your home is outside this area.